Monday, August 22, 2011

Connects: True Ghost Story by Katrina Rose

In Katrina Rose's novel, Connects: True Ghost Story the protagonist Abigail Morrison, has always been able to see spirits. As a young child, her playmate was a ghost. As she grew older she suppressed this gift, until her and her husband Daniel buy a country home. Here, she begins to have vivid dreams and experience paranormal events. She uncovers two murders, and begins to investigate to help these spirits. I really wanted to enjoy this book, as I liked the overall concept, but this book ended up falling short of my expectations. The writing did not flow smoothly, it was filled with grammatical errors and the sentences at times were cumbersome. Thoughts were repeated, as if the writer felt you couldn’t understand her thought process, so she reworded it and told you again.

I give this book 2 coffee cups out of 5.


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