Monday, December 12, 2011

Old Flames by E.R. Yatscoff

Read the very first Canadian firefighter novel. Captain Gerry Ormond, thrust into the media spotlight due to a heroic rescue visits his hometown after a twenty-year absence. His old crime as a teenager in a renegade fraternity comes to light and his life begins to unravel. Old friends are now enemies and an arson murderer seeks revenge for the old crime. (Synopsis from Goodreads)

Old Flames, is a suspenseful mystery. Yatscoff takes us into the life of a Canadian firefighter with a secret from his past. The tale has lots of twists and a reveal, that I didn’t see coming.  Told from a male protagonist’s point of view, this novel offers a fresh perspective into firefighting, arson and revenge.

The main character is Captain Gerry Ormond. He is recently widowed and has been catapulted into the spot-light by a photograph of him carrying a young child from a fire.  Ormond is a working man with a snarky sense of humor. He puts in an honest day’s work, cares for his team and his daughter. He is in a relationship, but not ready to commit. Recently, his team has encountered arson fires, one of them deadly. The arsonist only strikes when Ormond’s team is on duty, and everyone is beginning to look at him and his team. Ormond has a secret, involving an old man and a fire from his youth. Worried that this has something to do with it, he heads back to the home town he fled from twenty years ago. He spends time with his ailing Dad, meets his high school crush. Karen is married, but the heat that simmers between them could sizzle an egg.  He learns someone has been calling his Dad’s home, saying “Gerry” and hanging up. Upon his return home, the calls become threatening. He confronts former friends from his past, and learns that most of the people involved in his secret are dead.  

The tale that unfolds is gripping and totally from a male perspective. Yatscoff feeds us the details of Ormond’s past, as the arson continues to escalate.  This was a fast paced action packed tale that kept me engaged. The details surrounding the fires were in-depth and fascinating. 

I highly recommend Old Flames to fans of suspense and mystery. 
Old Flames is currently available in eBook format.  

I gave this book 4 coffee cups out of 5. 

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Author's website:E.R. Yatscoff

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At December 12, 2011 at 10:33 PM , Blogger Giselle said...

This sounds interesting. For some reason firefighter stories always fascinates me. I also love male POVs! :)

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At December 13, 2011 at 10:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review. It sounds like an entertaining and interesting read. I'll check it out!


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