Monday, February 6, 2012

Best Man, Worst Man by Stacy Gail

"He's the one problem she can't solve. "
From hysterical bridezillas to grooms with sub-zero feet, renowned wedding planner Claire Pomeroy has never met a disaster she couldn't handle. Then she runs afoul of her client's not-so-best man, a devilishly flirtatious rogue with a killer smile and a chest as solid as a concrete roadblock. Yet their sparks of attraction only highlight his obvious quest-to make sure this wedding knot never gets tied. Confirmed bachelor Ryder Price knows one unshakable truth: marriage is nothing but a fairy tale. No way is he going to stand idly by while his wingman face-plants into the dreaded marital trap. But there's a problem. A dark-eyed, dangerously curvaceous problem who's bound and determined to pull this wedding off. As her suddenly skittish clients teeter on the edge of cancellation, Claire challenges her nemesis to imagine long-term as something more than a quickie and a vague promise to call. Ryder counters with a challenge of his own. Let him give her a taste of just how fulfilling a little no-strings-attached passion can be.(synopsis from Goodreads)

Best Man Worst Man by Stacy Gail is a delightfully funny, contemporary romance, complete with chocolate, and some serious toe-curling kisses. Gail delivers a charming feel good romance that I easily consumed in an afternoon.

The heroine is confident, multi-tasking wedding planner Claire Pomeroy. She is handling the wedding of Rachel and Matt and everything is going smoothly. That is until Ryder Price shows up. Ryder is Matt’s best friend and the designated Best Man. Ryder believes that marriage will destroy his friend, and sets out to stop this train-wreck.  When Claire steps in to prevent Ryder’s meddling, she is instantly moved by his sexy smile and charm. Despite his plans to stop the wedding, Ryder can only think about one thing; Clare.  Ryder tries to woo Claire into realizing that a passionate relationship is all a couple needs. Claire on the other hands tries to help him imagine a life where someone is always there for you. 

I loved the characters of Claire and Ryder. Gail had me laughing with the banter she created between them. She made them genuine and their interactions believable. Clair’s physical reaction to Ryder even surprises her and her inner thoughts when he’s around had me laughing aloud.  Ryder’s past explains his position on marriage and his fears felt genuine. Watching him put the moves on Claire, become totally confused, and then pour his soul out had me turning the pages at record speed. While the kisses were hot, this book is fine for even the most delicate reader.

I recommend Best Man, Worst Man to fans of contemporary, feel good, romances. The tale moved smoothly, and although the outcome was predictable; the ride was an enjoyable one.  I have and will continue to enjoy Stacy Gail’s work. Best Man Worst Man is available in eBook format.

I gave this book 3.5 coffee cups out of 5.                 Kimba     

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At February 7, 2012 at 6:52 AM , Blogger Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

That cover has me SO intrigued! LOL. I dunno why. Probably that hand print... Hehe. Great review! It definitely sounds like a good read:)


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