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Blog Tour: Dark Waltz by A.M. Hargrove {excerpt-giveaway}

Today I am pleased to be working with CBB Book Promotions in bringing you an excerpt and giveaway for the smoking hot new adult book by author A.M. Hargrove - Dark Waltz! 


“Kiss me please,” she begged.
“You don’t ever have to ask for a kiss.  You can just take,” he said, flipping her on her back and dipping his head down to shower her with tiny kisses on her face, neck, shoulders and chest.
“Jurek, I don’t want you to go all freaky on me, but I have to say something to you.  Promise me you won’t turn dark and bust things up in here.”
“Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to like this?”
“Because you’re not the warm and fuzzy kind of guy.”
“Hmmm. So?”
She fiddled with the sheet, looked at her crummy fingernails, and then quickly hid them.
“I wanted to tell you that I love you.”
“Oh that.  Well, I know that,” he said is if he’d known it forever.
She looked at him and said, “You know that?  Is that all you’re going to say?”
“Am I supposed to say something else?”
“Yes!  I think something like, I love you too Liasare, would be nice,” she said, sticking her lower lip out.
He gazed at her then and something shifted in his eyes...something she couldn’t quite define, but it was there nonetheless. He brushed her hair off her face and tucked a loose strand behind her ears.  “Hmmm.  I suppose you would think that.  I’m not an emotionally verbose kind of man Liasare.  If you want me to say those things to you, then of course I will.  I will tell you this though.  When I found you in that dungeon, my heart bled for you as I felt it fracture into a million pieces.  When I saw what your body had endured, my mind nearly cracked,” he swallowed the thick burning that had quickly formed in his throat, making it impossible for him to speak.  Moments passed before he was able to go on. Taking a deep breath, he continued, “When you didn’t eat or sleep for days, neither did I. I was dying on the inside, not understanding why you wouldn’t talk to me. Liasare, you hold my heart in the palm of your hand and my soul is right there with it.  They’ve been with you for quite some time, only I was a fool and wouldn’t admit it. I may not praise you with flowery phrases, but what I feel for you cannot be described by a single word.  That I would give everything I own for you, including my life, goes without saying.  No one could ever feel for you what I do Liasare.” He kissed her lips then and tasted the salt of her tears.

Deleted Scene
Letter to Liasare...from Jurek 

My Liasare,

I should have said these things to you before...but I found my lips wouldn’t speak them. I guess it was partly because I wanted to act like the ass so you would leave and return to Vesturon, where you would be safe from this dangerous place in which you find yourself. The other reason was because you scared the hell out of me. My feelings for you run deep...deeper than even I would admit to myself. I didn’t want this for either of us, because I feared it would place you in harm’s way. I am not the man you may think I am. There are things about me you don’t know...things I will explain to you one day. I can only hope that when you hear them, you have it in your heart to forgive me.  I realize this only adds to the mystery about me that frustrates you so, but it’s the way it must be for now. I’m trying to do what’s best for you to keep you safe and this is the only way I know how to do that.

Liasare, I want you to know two things. One, you bring out the best and the worst in me. I’m not placing the blame on you; I’m just trying to define who and what I am. I have many faults, as you’ve come to know. You have, unfortunately, uncovered my greatest weakness...You. I have this urgent need to protect you. I am a turbulent mess right now and quite ill equipped to deal with emotions such as these. So I want apologize to you with everything I have for behaving so deplorably. It sickens me now to think of how I treated you. I promise to make it up to you one day.

The other thing I want you to know is that I’ve recently discovered that my life is meaningless unless you are a part of it. One day, and hopefully soon, there will be a way for us to be together in the way we both want to be. Don’t lose hope Liasare...I know I won’t.

My heart and soul are yours forever,

Book Information 

Dark Waltz
by A.M. Hargrove
Published: November 7, 2012
Genre: Adult /.New Adult Romance
Purchase*: Barnes and Noble/Amazon

It’s the year 2030 and the human population has been annihilated by a virulent form of small pox. Liasare Davidson is desperately searching for her brother, who has been missing for three months. It’s been eighteen years since she was evacuated from Earth and she is horrified to see it’s become a cesspool of unimaginable things. In her quest to find her brother, she meets Jurek, a powerful and enigmatic being that frightens her, yet she is unable to resist. When things begin to unfold between them, they both discover a paralyzing truth that puts Liasare at grave risk. She must make a choice to join Jurek and find her brother or fulfill a role she believes she is ill equipped to undertake.

Sounds good right?  

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At July 17, 2013 at 10:06 PM , Anonymous Barbara Walker said...

I, uh, think I could be persuaded to read this, especially if I got to look at that cover. :D That's one swoony excerpt.

At July 17, 2013 at 10:10 PM , Anonymous Pnrurbfantasyreviews said...

Sounds pretty good, love the cover!!!

At July 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM , Anonymous Erin F said...

Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing

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