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#TakeControlRAT Challenge: Oldest Book in Your TBR Pile

Take Control Read-a-thon

I hope everyone is having fun attacking their
TBR Pile. This challenge is easy and fun. 

Go through your TBR pile and find the oldest book you haven't read. 

Tell us why you bought it.
 Why you haven't read it. 
 Read the first chapter
 Tells us what you think or give a summary. 
Share a quote.

Why am I making you do this seemly silly challenge? 
First because I am nosy *seriously* second I am hoping that by reading
a chapter you may overcome whatever it is that is
 keeping you from reading it! 

Here is mine:

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Published: September 13, 2011
Purchased: September 13, 2011

Why I bought it:
I bought this after reading early reviews and editorial reviews claiming how excellent it was, plus I loved the cover! 

Why I haven't read it:
I add it to my tbr pile each month and some how the next shiny cover catches my eye. It's almost like, I know it will be good so there is no rush to find out..does that even make sense?!?

First chapter thoughts: 
The first chapter begins when a little girl named Celia, with wide eyes and brown hair, dressed in her best is delivered by a lawyer to the circus for Hector Bowen "aka Prospero the Enchanter" She has an envelope addressed to him pinned to her coat. The owner takes her to his trailer and serves her tea. When Hector arrives he grasps the note, stares at the girl and says, "She should have named you Miranda." 

Quote: "The girl looks up at him again. Dark eyes narrow beneath her curls. The teacup on the desk begins to shake. Ripples disrupt the calm surface as cracks tremble across the glaze, and then it collapses in shards of flowered porcelain. Cold tea pools in the saucer and drips onto the floor, leaving sticky trails on the polished wood."

One Random Participant will win an eBook of 
their choice from B&N, Smashwords or Amazon
valued at up to 10.00 US dollars.
*only participants of the Take Control RAT are eligible to win*
winner will be selected using

You can post your answer on your blog, facebook, tumblr, goodread account or
 in the comments below. 


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the winner of this challenge
was Michelle @In Libris Veritas

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At July 17, 2013 at 9:35 PM , Anonymous Katherine Nabity said...

This is a tough question. I've been buying books for 20 years. I don't always read what I buy. What is the oldest book I own that I haven't read? Probably Maxim Gorky's Foma Gordeyev, published in 1901. I had a thing for a Russian guy in college. What book have I owned the longest without reading? The Gorky probably comes close even though I didn't meet Dima until my junior year. It wasn't until the internet that I started keeping close track of when I acquire books, but I might have something that I bought in high school laying around here. Why don't I read books before acquiring more books? I'm a magpie. I'm always attracted by the newest shiny thing.

But, what book have I said year after year, "I'm going to read it this year"? That would be God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert, published in 1982. I bought it because read the first three and I want to read the rest. (Actually, I had to make sure I bought it and didn't just steal it from my mom like I did with Dune.) Many readers have become bogged down at God Emperor. I've had several conversations about it. My latest theory, one backed up by the first chapter, is that it's so different from the other three that it's like picking up a brand new SF series, and a daunting one at that. Quote: "I assure you I am the book of fate."

At July 17, 2013 at 9:56 PM , Anonymous Alina Popescu said...

I have Soulless by Gail Carringer on my TBR from 10th August 2011...

I bought it 'cuz some friends recommended it and the blurb seemed cool(no impulse control here) :D

I don't know why I haven't started it... I have it stored on my laptop and it just sits there the poor thing.

1st chapter: It's actually very good! It starts with Miss Alexia(born without a soul) who manages to kill a vampire and then we meet Lord Macoon, a werewolf. From what I understood they are the main characters of the series. It has great humor and some weird turn of phrases... but I think I'll continue reading it. How couldn't I when the chapter ended like this: [The two werewolves exited the duke's town house into the black London night, one bearing the body of a dead vampire, the other, a puzzled expression.>]

The Earl of Woolsey glared at her. “Cheap clothing is no excuse for killing a man.”
“Mmm, that's what you say.”

At July 17, 2013 at 10:09 PM , Anonymous Diamond Nazaneen said...

Here's a link to my post, although I guess you will check all the blogs that signed up for the challenges. :) my oldest book is Great Expectations.., I know, don't judge me!! I read part of it but never finished..eeek

At July 17, 2013 at 10:57 PM , Anonymous Trish Hannon said...

Done, blogged about I mean....not read! One step at a time.

BookishTrish from Between the Lines


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